Adam Robertson


Adam Robertson is a Portland-based comedian who peaked at age 9, when he was the first fourth grader in the history of North Albany Elementary School to qualify for the district spelling bee. Things almost immediately went downhill and he did not come remotely close to qualifying for the next round. Undaunted by this egregious and shameful disappointment, he continued to hone his craft until he made it all the way to the Oregon State Spelling Bee as an 8th grader. He did not win this competition either, but never gave up. Eventually, he followed the path of many spellers before him: stand-up comedy.

 His first album debuted in January 2012 and was one of the top 5 bestselling albums on Bandcamp at its release, while his second album in July of that year held the #1 bestselling spot for the week of its release, nearly unheard of for a traditional stand-up comedy album. He was a performer on the original Exceptionally Ordinary Tour and got decent laughs, despite many of his jokes being “a little weird for my tastes, but I’m glad you’re having fun, buddy!” (quote from Adam’s father). These successes prove that Adam is even better at comedy than he is at spelling, and he’s pretty damn good at spelling.

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