After last year’s amazing concert series, we are proud to present another “Exceptionally Ordinary Tour.” We will be hitting the West Coast with a great line up of talented musicians, comedians, and a few people in between. No bears this year.

If you had attended last year’s events, you’ll know already of the disbanding of ToddCon’s Beartopia; this year will be bear free, and again we’re so sorry for those who lost their lives. No seriously, bear attacks will be kept to a minimum.

The original target of the Tour was to bring Exceptional online artists on an Ordinary tour. We did that. It was done. But now we want to bring Ordinary artists on an Exceptional tour, we’re going to do that. It will be done.

Last year’s tour and road trip was tremendously special to us, we walked away with great memories, great friends, and only minor bear-related injuries. We call this a success and can’t wait to bring you a group of tourians, who are Ordinary in the most Exceptional of ways. Like Pam from “The Office” said, “There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kind of the point?” It is the point, Pam. It is the point.